It is hoped several hundred people will come out to a mobile laboratory set up in downtown Sudbury to take part in mental health research.

Workers at the mobile research station, deployed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, have spent the last few months at the Bonaventure Mall in Chelmsford collecting data.

Now they’re downtown, and hundreds of people in central Sudbury have been given invitations to come in for interviews at the lab.

“The focus of our research is on mental health and substance use, as well as stress and use of services in the community,” said Dr. Samantha Wells.

She said they had a 40 per cent response rate — or slightly more than 300 people — come in for interviews when the lab was in Chelmsford.

CAMH mobile lab

Until recently, the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health mobile laboratory was set up in Chelmsford. People are being invited — by mail — to complete a survey about their mental health and addiction history. They may also give hair and saliva samples for testing for stress and genetic predisposition to mental illness. (Kate Rutherford/CBC)

During the interviews, people will be asked to talk about their mental health and the health care system, including identifying “gaps and barriers in the system,” or “some of the really positive things that have helped them in their journey,” Wells said.

The results stemming from the research will be announced in the community late this year.

The mobile lab will be in downtown Sudbury until June 21.