Testimony continues today in the trial of Paul McColeman, underway in a Sudbury court.

The 45-year-old Espanola man faces 36 charges including luring children, sexual exploitation and sexual interference.

Court heard that McColeman allegedly set up a Facebook page under the name of Treber Boucher, through which he contacted and befriended 17 male youth between 2006 and 2014.

The first witness this morning hid his face during testimony.

"I just want to be left alone," he said. "I hate digging up the past."

Alcohol, marijuana offered in exchange for 'pranks'

He told the told court he was offered a small amount of marijuana, alcohol and the keys to drive a four-wheeler in exchange for what he called "pranks."

When defence lawyer Darren Berlinguette asked for an explanation, the witness said pranks were sex acts, including oral sex.

The second witness testified through closed-circuit television from a separate room in the courthouse, standard practice for witnesses who are under 18.

Assistant Crown attorney Kara Vakiparta asked the witness about Facebook conversations he had with Treber Boucher.

The witness testified that he agreed to two "dares" in exchange for marijuana.

When asked to explain what "dares" were, the witness said it involved him receiving oral sex from a man on a dark trail in Espanola.

Accused had a distinct smell, witness says

Court heard that the male figure was dressed in black and had a distinct smell, that the witness said he smelled again when he was at the home of Paul McColeman.

The witness says he ended the online conversation and contacted police when the person claiming to be Treber Boucher asked him to convince a younger boy to become involved in the "dares."

There is a publication ban on any details that could identify the victims in this case.

Superior Court Justice Patricia Hennessy is presiding over the judge-alone case, which is expected to take four to six weeks.