Mayors across northern Ontario are anxious to see what the province has planned for the $100 million in infrastructure spending it has said will be in today’s budget.

But some are worried their communities will be overlooked.

Wawa mayor Linda Nowicki said her town has been left out the last three times the province has offered infrastructure money.

Nowicki hopes this time will be different, but notes last time, when there was $90 million up for grabs, it all went to 40 communities.

"So if $90 million only went to 40 communities… $100 million will probably be the same," she said.

Applying for government money is like playing roulette, said Kapuskasing mayor Al Spacek.

He would like to see a more predictable and consistent source of money.

It is "very difficult to plan financially — in terms of maintaining your infrastructure — when you don't know what resources you’re going to have available," he said.

Both mayors have said they will be applying for funding.

The province has said the money will be spent on roads and bridges.

From a report by CBC’s Steve Howard