Trial date set in bullying, wrongful dismissal case from city hall

A five-day trial has been scheduled for May 2018 involving a civil lawsuit against the City of Greater Sudbury. Alicia Lachance, the former administrative assistant to the mayor claims she was wrongfully dismissed after she was allegedly bullied and stalked by the chief of staff. The city refutes the claims.

Former administrative assistant to mayor claims chief of staff bullied, stalked her

As it looks at the mounting repair costs to fix the city's crumbling infrastructure, Greater Sudbury city council will consider providing seniors with a financial break on their water bills. (Yvon Theriault/CBC)

Mayor Brian Bigger's former administrative assistant is going to trial against the city of Greater Sudbury.

Alicia Lachance is seeking $300,000, claiming wrongful dismissal and aggravated and punitive damages.

The civil lawsuit claims Bigger's chief of staff, Melissa Zanette, bullied and stalked Lachance.

The city refutes the claims, calling Lachance a poor worker with a hostile attitude.

A five-day trial has been scheduled for May 2018.