The Ministry of Transportation says a study of four-laning Highway 17 east of Sudbury is complete — but at least one mayor along the route is disappointed work is still years away.

The two-lane Highway 17 cuts through Markstay-Warren, running east to west.

Mayor Sonja Flynn said she and council took part in a three-year, $3.7 million study of the highway from North Bay to west of Sudbury. They thought once the study was done, action to widen the road would follow.

But, according to Flynn, the province said it currently doesn't have the infrastructure money.

Flynn said the government also reported there were fewer collisions on the road compared to the provincial standard.

“It's sad to think that, unless you meet criteria of people being killed in car accidents … this impacts whether they do the road,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation in the northeast said the study was the first step.

“It does take many years to get a highway from an idea to construction, when we're talking about a freeway,” Gordon Rennie said.

Expropriation of land and detailed design work will take time, he noted, and there is no firm deadline for widening the road.

Flynn said this is the second study to be compiled. The first one was carried out about 30 years ago.

“I think the fact that they re-studied the highway, and have looked at our statistics — and again as mayor, and our taxpayers were involved greatly with the study — I firmly believed they would go ahead,” she said.