Vendors at Sudbury's Market Square were looking for signatures as well as sales this past weekend.

A postcard campaign has started that asks city council to ensure the purchase the CP rail station and to make sure it's renovated in time for next year's market.

Vendors like Christine Koltun, who sells ceramics at Market Square support the market moving to the train station to make way for Laurentian University’s School of Architecture.

"But we are concerned they won't have the purchase of the property for next spring," Koltun said.

"[We are] getting people to sign these post cards to ask city council what they are doing to ensure that we have a market next year."

The current Market Square is expected to close at the end of this season so it can be transformed into Laurentian University's new school of architecture.

The director of economic development for the City of Sudbury said negotiations are still ongoing for the CP rail site. But Ian Wood said he understands why vendors are wondering about next year.

"We're confident that, by the time the market closes for this season, they will definitely know where they are going for next year and that there's no deviation from council's commitment to have a market in downtown Sudbury."

Wood said city staff has also been looking at a "Plan B" for next year, but details on that are being kept under wraps because it's not expected to be needed.

In the meantime, Sudbury city council can soon expect a few postcards to arrive in the mail.