A veterinarian on Manitoulin Island is starting to make home visits to treat his patients.

Dr. Darren Stinson, the owner of Scott Veterinary Services, says his office started making house calls in November.

Stinson says some animals don't do well when visiting a veterinarian's office.

"When they come into an exam room for instance in a veterinary practice they may smell every pet that's been there for the past week," he said.

"They can't see them, they can't hear them. They don't know where they are, what has happened to them and that will raise a certain level of anxiety and stress in those pets that are prone to it."

Improving care

Stinson says that anxiety for the animal can be reduced if he or she stays in their own home.

"We're able to do a relatively stress-free appointment and usually a far more thorough physical examination in the home where the pet is not stressed, versus in the vet clinic where perhaps the pet is extremely stressed," he said.

Darren Stinson

Dr. Darren Stinson, the owner of Scott Veterinary Services, has started offering house calls. (Supplied/Kathy Stinson)

"That can adversely affect the quality of care that the pet receives."

Stinson says they can do vaccinations and examinations during a home visit, but adds any procedures that requires special equipment need to be done at the vet clinic.

He says another reason for the house calls is to provide access to pet owners who have either mobility or transportation issues.

The coverage area includes Espanola, Manitoulin, Webbwood and Massey.

With files from Angela Gemmill