Renovations planned for a Sudbury legion hall have left the group worse off than before.

Lockerby Legion Branch 564 received a trillium grant of $132,000 for repairs to its building and roof, but the branch's president said the contractor didn't properly fix the roof, and now it has more leaks than before.

Chris Nadjiwan said the building had 30 separate leaks in the roof over the winter.

"Well it was an increase in our heating, [and] there was a lot of apologies to a lot of people who had rented the hall because we had leaks inside and there were pots and pans around,” he said.

Nadjiwan added the legion doesn't have the money to pay for more roof renovations.

Several Legion branches in the Sudbury area have had to give up their large halls in recent years.

The Lively branch closed altogether, Copper Cliff sold its building, and last year, the Chelmsford Legion moved into a smaller, more manageable building.