Lively watermain repairs continue as Sudbury crews brave cold

Work is still underway to repair a burst water main that serves more than 100 households in the Lively area.

Work is still underway to repair a burst water main that serves more than 100 households in the Lively area.

The pipe burst in early February, and this weekend a bypass pipe that had been installed there partially froze due to the cold weather.

Crews are continuing to monitor the site, said Nick Benkovich director of water services with the city.

City of Sudbury crews have been spending a significant period of time repairing a burst water main near the Lively area. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

He said crews will be constructing a temporary access road starting later on Tuesday.

"And then once we get equipment into the exact site of the break, we can expose the pipe and, from there, we will determine the next steps [that] would be the best methodology to repair the break."

Benkovich added this water main break has been particularly challenging because it happened in a marshy, difficult-to-access area.

The recent colder temperatures haven’t helped matters either, but Benkovich said crews are well-equipped to deal with the adverse conditions.

It’s not unusual for crews to spend their entire eight-hour shift outdoors during frigid temperatures.

"They'll be standing in water in these extreme conditions to tighten nuts and things like that,” he said.

“A lot of those operations require that they have the dexterity that you can't get with gloves on … so there are times when they can't even work with gloves or mitts on."

Benkovich said crews working outside are given "cold stress training" to recognize early signs of hypothermia and frostbite. Workers are also encouraged to take regular breaks in warming stations.


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