In the midst of the summer, the arena debate in Greater Sudbury is set to heat up again.

The city's community services committee is expected to discuss a staff report today calling for the aging Chelmsford Arena to be repaired rather than torn down.

Last winter, staff had suggested the rinks in Chelmsford, Azilda and Levack be closed and replaced with a new, two-pad arena complex to be built in Chelmsford.

But this plan has caused an uproar in Levack and Onaping, where residents say they feel they've been shortchanged in the decade since amalgamation.

As well, the staff report calls for a study on the possibility of a new arena for concerts and the Ontario Hockey League's Sudbury Wolves.

Sudbury city councillors are also expected to also revisit the Elm Street parking experiment and the contentious issue of whether or not children should be allowed to ride in a stroller on a city bus.

Follow CBC News reporter Erik White's live blog from today's meetings: