Live blog: Sudbury city council tackles taxis, office expenses

Live updates from tonight's council meeting starting at 6 p.m.

Some big changes to the taxi business in Greater Sudbury could be coming after tonight's city council meeting.

Councillors will go over some proposed changes to the city's taxi bylaw, which were prompted by a decision last year to contract out one cab company to serve the Sudbury airport.

Staff are suggesting that a taxi license be good for the entire city, where for the past decade, Greater Sudbury was divided into zones, with some cabs covering Sudbury proper, while others served only the outlying communities.

The proposed changes also include more detailed background checks for cab drivers and allowing taxis to charge a $50 deposit fee in case late night passengers leave a mess in the car.

Also up for a vote tonight is a proposal by city councillor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann that councillors and the mayor be required to report when they spend their own money on office expenses that could be billed to taxpayers.

Landry-Altmann is concerned that this gives well-heeled politicians an unfair advantage.

CBC reporter Erik White is covering tonight's meeting. Follow him on twitter @erikjwhite