A small group of protestors have gathered in front of a building in Elliot Lake where public inquiry hearings have resumed.

The inquiry looking into last summer's deadly mall roof collapse started hearing from current Elliot Lake Mayor Rick Hamilton  Monday afternoon.

His testimony is scheduled to continue Tuesday.

One of the protestors, Elliot Lake resident Art Hilder, said the group wants change at city hall.

"We are demonstrating against our council that we feel do not represent us," he said.

"They seem to have represented special interests in the town and do not represent the people of Elliot Lake."


Art Hilder was among a small group of people who gathered Monday to protest in front of the building where hearings at the Elliot Lake Public Inquiry are being held. The commission is to hear from Elliot Lake Mayor Rick Hamilton. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

The public inquiry hearings resumed this morning after taking a three-week summer break around the anniversary of the tragedy.

Follow developments at the hearings with a live blog from CBC Reporter Megan Thomas:

On June 23, 2012, a section of the mall’s roof crashed down on unsuspecting shoppers and mall employees, killing two women and injuring dozens more.

So far, the inquiry has heard evidence of dubious design and construction — a roof that leaked almost from day one, rusting away the steel structure until it looked like something found in a marine environment.

It’s also heard how the roof was never properly fixed, and testimony about officials who could have shut down the mall for safety reasons but never did.

The owners of the mall, Bob and Levon Nazarian, are scheduled to testify later this month.

From there, the inquiry will move into its next phase that will look at the rescue efforts

Former Premier Dalton McGuinty called for the inquiry in the days after the tragedy. He is scheduled to testify Oct. 2.