A wetland in the heart of Sudbury will soon be open to visitors once again.

Renovations began this week on the Lily Creek boardwalk, a wooden walkway built 20 years ago that weaves through lush cattails and marshland.

Deb McIntosh, the executive director for Rainbow Routes — an organization that looks after an extensive trail system throughout the city — said the group is funding the renovations, with help from the city and Science North. Science North is located across the street from the boardwalk, and the science centre often conducts tours along the boardwalk.

McIntosh said some residents called her to express worry the boardwalk might be taken down.

"It’s funny because it’s in the centre of town and people notice," she said. "I've had the media call all this week. People really care about that wetland."

McIntosh said the boardwalk will now connect with a nearby park that neighbours the James Jerome sports field. The renovations are expected to be finished this summer.