A half-built housing project that has been an annoying eyesore to a community in Greater Sudbury looks to finally be finished this spring.

But some in Levack are not celebrating after nearly a decade of delays.

Out his front window, Andy Tulloch sees what used to be the school he went to as a kid. It’s now seven unfinished townhouses and a field of dust, dirt and debris.

"Quite honestly, I think it's depressing,” he said.

The old school site has gone through several different owners in the last 10 years. There have been several different plans for the location — from seniors home to a rooming house to 49 townhouses.

The seven that are partially built have sat there for a few years. Now the new owners intend to complete them in the spring.

'Hopefully they will complete it'

But Tulloch isn't thrilled by the news.

"You know, I'd rather see them come down,” he said. “What that block needs is a senior's residence. There's no seniors residence in Levack."

He and other neighbours are also wondering about the moldy drywall they saw removed from the townhouses last fall.

David Bonnell from Niacon Construction said they've work closely with city inspectors and the houses are structurally sound.

"[They’ve been] tested and checked and confirmed for any type of quality issue there at all,” he said.

Bonnell is hopeful the seven townhouses in Levack will be ready for sale this summer, but he said there are no immediate plans to build anything on the rest of the old school yard. The developer has approval to build 42 more townhouses.

Sudbury city councillor Claude Berthiaume, who represents Levack, would like to the project completed.

"Well after all these years, hopefully they will complete it, [and] it's not just a temporary thing again,” he said. “They will complete it this year … hopefully."