Some beach-goers say a park in the south end of Sudbury is being neglected, as they’ve noticed the grounds have gone to seed and the facilities are run down.

But the city says it has plans to revitalize the area around Lake Nepahwin.

That’s good news for area residents like Jim Bald, who worries the park has been forgotten by the city.

There's usually a large colourful flower bed to greet beach-goers when entering Nepahwin Park, he said.

"It just seems like the city isn't putting any effort into beautifying the park here."

Greater Sudbury’s manager of community partnerships, Chris Gore, said maintenance work at the park is on schedule, and includes new flowers.

"They're actually being planted as we speak," he said.

But repairs to the beach house and washroom facilities are not on schedule.

In the meantime, portable toilets have been placed around the park and will remain on the grounds for the summer.

Gore also noted the roof on the Nepahwin beach house was leaking, and it has been under construction since the spring.

"[Workers] ran into more issues than they had anticipated," he said.

"We want to make sure it's 100 per cent safe for people, so it was necessary to do some major renovations to it and repair work."

The roof is expected to be repaired by the end of summer, but the building will remain shut for further maintenance.