Another Sudbury-area bridge will be named in honour of a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Sergeant Laurier Quesnel was shot in October 1965 by a man he was trying to return to a psychiatric hospital.

One of the police services board members who voted on Wednesday in the bridge tribute was present the day Quesnel was killed.

City councillor Ron Dupuis said he was walking home from high school along King Street in the Flour Mill when he saw the police cars.

"We did see the police officer, Sgt. Quesnel, lying on the ground. He had been shot,” he recalled.

“And we saw the police put the tear gas in and we heard a lot of yelling and I can remember seeing the police officers coming out. I [saw] Sgt. Woodroofe hanging over the railing and just being sick from the gas that had been used."

Dupuis said he remembers that day, almost 50 years ago, very clearly. But he added a lot of the stories like these have been forgotten.

"There's so many more. We're going to run out of bridges in this area,” he said. “That's the unfortunate thing.”

The bridge that carries Estaire Road over Highway 69, south of Sudbury, will be named in honour of Sergeant Quesnel.

There are six other bridges in the Sudbury area that in recent years have been named for police officers killed in the line of duty, including Sgt. Rick McDonald, Constable Joe MacDonald, Constable Albert Nault, Constable Ernest Paul, Constable Edward Terrell and Constable Gerry Dault.