Fresh off the opening of its new architecture school in Sudbury, Laurentian University is ramping up a pitch to have another campus in Barrie.

Laurentian already offers degrees in Barrie through a partnership with Georgian college, but an associate vice president with Laurentian said they want a separate campus in Barrie's downtown.

Craig Fowler said the new campus would be much smaller, be home to 2,500 students and would offer different programs.

“So it's not like the plan is to replicate the size of the campus in Sudbury,” he said.

The Laurentian Students General Association’s Mark Mancini said he's fielded some questions about whether a Barrie campus would mean fewer students coming Sudbury.

“What we have been told — and what we believe to be very true — is that this isn't a case of taking from one to give to another,” he said.

Laurentian said it hopes to make the Barrie campus a reality within five years.

But that will depend on whether the province shares the same vision, which comes with a price tag of at least $60 million.

Currently Laurentian is using a video on social media to push for the new campus.