Laurentian students transition to life away from home

For many parents and young adults back school is a time of transition as post-secondary students learn to adjust to life in residence.
Peer mentors like Emillyn Shojaei at Laurentian University are there to help support students starting their first year of university. (CBC)

For many parents and young adults, back to school is a time of transition as post-secondary students learn to adjust to life in residence.

Gordon Williams dropped off his daughter at Laurentian University in Sudbury on the long weekend and said he knows it will feel quite different around the house.

“I will find the house quite a bit quieter,” Williams said. “We’re going to miss her for sure.”

Stephanie Williams agreed it would feel very different now that her sister has moved to university.

“It’s definitely going to be quiet and I’m probably going to bug my parents now because I don’t really have anyone to hang out with there,” she said.

It’s a time of adjustment and can be quite stressful for students as well as parents

"I think that some of them are having trouble letting go,” Peer mentor Emillyn Shojaei said. “I saw this one mom just hold her daughter for like far too long. I mean it's adorable.”

Shojaei and others like her hope to help new students adjust.

“I’m a peer mentor,” she said. “ I pretty much just help out the first year students. Missing home, that was something I dealt with …  I know my peer mentors last year helped me through that… school work, keeping on top of things.”

And other changes are coming to Laurentian too.

The school has implemented a new compulsory meal plan for almost all its students.

“I think it's great, like this year especially,” said third-year student Kevin Mcphee. “I have my own kitchen in my room but I've had the meal plan both years before. Even though you have your own kitchen it's nice to have somewhere to go that's as nice as the great hall now.”

The new mandatory meal plan is a result of a $2 million expansion to Laurentian's dining hall.

Classes begin Wednesday.