Sandra Dorman has been working to help fire rangers assess when they are fatigued, and how to prevent it from leading to injury on the job.

Dorman is the director of the The Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health at Laurentian University. The centre works with companies and government agencies to find ways to reduce workplace injuries.

At the Ministry of Natural Resources, her team has been assessing levels of fatigue among fire rangers who battle forest fires, measuring everything from the physical exertion of the job to the foods they eat while working.

The next stage of the research will aim to help fire rangers reduce their fatigue, which could reduce the potential for injuries on the job.

Dorman shared more about her research with Megan Thomas on CBC Radio One's Morning North:

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Graduate students Ayden Robertson, Zach McGillis and Phd candidate Caleb Leduc are also assisting with the research.