A city councillor's attempts to create an independent laundry hub in Sudbury went down the drain last night.

Michael Vagnini had called for the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation to conduct a feasibility study to determine if the idea of a locally-run facility has merit.

Vagnini said establishing a hub would save the jobs of 38 unionized laundry workers, who will soon be out of work.

A few weeks ago, Health Sciences North began sending its laundry to Hamilton instead of using Sudbury Hospital Services, and Vagnini said he's already started hearing about problems with the new laundry provider.

"The linen that they are receiving back is not necessarily the linen that they've sent out," Vagnini said. "It can be from all different hospitals or any of the different clients."

"The towels are coming back yellow and stained, not folded, some of the face clothes are dirty and they didn't have pillow cases for three days."

Vagnini's motion was defeated in a tied 6-6 vote at city council.