Last of Cochrane's wild dogs finally adopted

A compelling audio tale of hundreds of dogs abandoned in the bush near Cochrane, Ont.
A picture of two of the Mile 26 dogs, Abby and Tommy, with Pet Save's Andrea Krats. The dogs were among a couple hundred found abandoned in the bush near Cochrane, Ont. It's taken more than two years to find forever homes for all the dogs. Markus Schwabe/CBC

Dozens of wild dogs were rescued from the bush north of Cochrane in the summer of 2010.

The plan was to find a home for all of these dogs and just a few days ago the last of the dogs were finally placed in new homes.

Andrea Krats of Pet Save helped socialize some of the dogs that were rescued.  She came to CBC Sudbury's Morning North studios to give listeners an update.

Kratz helped socialize the adult dogs who she said were the "hardest to find homes for."

"They were not like any dogs we had handled before," Kratz said.

"They were more scared than anything. Usually if they were growling they were protecting themselves."

Click on the audio link to hear the update and the story as it first unfolded in June 2010 in northern Ontario bushland.