Sudbury city councillors say more snow banks should be removed from city streets this winter in the name of safety.

But city staff warned against setting a policy that they might not have enough crews to keep up.

City councillor Joe Cimino said those concerns take a back seat to the safety of Sudburians.


Snow banks at the end of many Sudbury residents' driveways can grow quite high throughout the winter. (Erik White/CBC)

“It's Russian roulette every time they come out of their driveways,” he said.

“I don't think you can put a price on somebody's human life. And it's going to get there."

Roads director David Shelstead said trucking away snow banks from more city streets could cost as much as $4 million.

"One dollar invested in snow removal lasts until March,” he said. “One dollar invested in asphalt lasts for 20 years."

Shelstead said the current budget for removing snow banks — which is mostly done in the downtown core — is $650,000 a year.