A Lake Nipissing outfitter who posted a controversial Kijiji ad in January is being placed on a two-year probation by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The ministry was prompted into investigating icehutrentals.ca after its owner, Marc David Hyndman, posted the ad saying he wouldn't do business with status card holders.

The ad was removed from the site after a social media backlash, and Hyndman posted an apology on his company's Facebook page.

According to a press release issued by the ministry Thursday, officers discovered Hyndman's six commercial ice huts weren't properly licensed.

The shacks were seized in January, and after a North Bay court heard charges against the company on September 25, forfeited the ice huts to the Crown.

Ice hut ad

The owners of a company called Ice Hut Rentals from North Bay uploaded an advertisement on Kijiji in January saying status card users are not welcome to use their services. The ad has since been modified.