Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care says there will be no extra money for hospital care in spite of recent concerns raised by surgeons in Sudbury.

The recently tabled provincial budget, which has yet to be passed, contains no extra funds for hospitals.

Dr. Peter Zalan said Wednesday medical staff are concerned about long wait times for non-priority surgeries.

He's an anesthesiologist and the president of the medical staff at Health Sciences North in Sudbury.

He said funding hasn't kept pace with the increased demand from an aging population.

"A couple of the surgeons have told me that they feel embarrassed going into their office and meeting these patients, because they can't offer them timely service," Zalan said.

Patients waiting for non-priority surgeries can wait nine months or longer, he said.

Health minister Deb Matthews said the province will continue to spend money on services that will help seniors live at home rather than in hospital.

She said the money saved can go back into funding hospitals.

"I really do think we have to make those investments. Every penny we can, we need to put into the community sector," she said.