After repeatedly talking about it for the last two years, today, John Rodriguez made it official on Friday: he is running again for mayor of Greater Sudbury.

Rodriguez wore the chain of office from 2007 to 2010, when he was ousted by Marianne Matichuk. The 77-year-old said he is running to finish the job he started.

john rodriguez

John Rodriguez speaks during a news conference on Friday in which he officially announced he will run for mayor in this fall's municipal election. He lost the mayor's seat to Marianne Matichuk in Sudbury's last election. (Erik White/CBC)

He joins five other candidates on the ballot, including his long-time friend, city councillor Ron Dupuis.

"He was my right arm. He's an excellent person. But I'm a better mayor," Dupuis quipped during a news conference Friday.

Ed Pokonzie, Jeff Huska, Dan Melanson and Richard Majkot are also hoping to be elected Sudbury's next mayor on Oct. 27.

Current Mayor Marianne Matichuk has yet to announce if she's running again.