Jennifer McGillivray has a vision for the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, and she hopes you'll be a part of it. 

The new Executive Director of the SSO is the face of some sweeping changes in the organization, including the imminent departure of longtime musical director Victor Sawa. 

Sawa has been with the group for 18 years, and according to McGillivray, has accepted some "wonderful contracts in Europe."    

'I want everybody to feel ... like this symphony belongs to this town.' - Jennifer McGillivray

Now, the search is on for a new conductor.  

"It's exciting," she said. "Four finalist candidates have already been selected out of several dozen who applied nationally and internationally."  

The final four are Canadian: Gordon Gerrard, Martin MacDonald, Mélanie Léonard and Dina Gilbert. Sudbury audiences will get a taste of each of their styles in select concerts in the spring of 2016.  

"These are all wonderful conductors," she said. "Much of it's going to come down to ... that sense of 'fit', and community, and who is right for Sudbury." 

McGillivray said moving forward, she has a two-fold vision for the SSO. 

"I really see [the SSO] becoming the premiere cultural destination for the city of Sudbury", she said. "[But] I want everybody to feel comfortable at the symphony, and [feel] like this symphony belongs to this town."  

A "light-hearted" roast will be held in honour of departing conductor Victor Sawa on Wednesday evening at the Science North Cavern in Sudbury. 

Sawa's last performance as conductor of the SSO is on Sat., April 18.