Cambrian College in Sudbury has pushed back the deadline by which international students should be on campus as a foreign service officer strike at key embassies across the world has slowed down the processing of study visas.

That could affect some of the 60 to 75 new international students who applied at the college this year.

"The number of approved study visas and confirmations of students coming is probably about 60 per cent of where we were at last year, so it's a significantly lower number than we anticipated," said Geoffrey Dalton, director of Cambrian International.

Students can now arrive by Sept. 17, a week later than usual.

"One of the concerns is that we don't want to push it too far back where we feel that the students would be severely implicated in their academic success," Dalton said. "We feel that with some extra support we can get those students who may be a few days late arriving up to speed."

He noted students who can't arrive by that later date may have to postpone their studies until the January term. The only other option for students would be to go to college in another country, he said.