A park in Sudbury will soon be the site of some innovative architecture.

The Ward One Community Garden group is getting ready to break ground on what they’re calling a "Learning Garden Shed" at Delki Dozzi Park in Gatchell.

Following an international design competition last year, an internationally trained Canadian architect's concept stood out, group spokesperson Colleen Zilio said.

'It's a very comfortable space ...' —Colleen Zilio, Ward One Community Garden 

"It's trying to use locally sourced materials and create a design that fits into the environment of the park," she said. "[There’s] sort of a clean, industrial feel to it."

In addition to housing the garden's irrigation system, the shed space will do much more than house tools.

"It's a very comfortable space for our volunteers and seniors and children to be working in the garden," Zilio said.

"There'a place for them to sit down, a place to wash their hands … gather, have a picnic, that sort of thing."

The shed will also feature education and workshop space for gardeners.

The project — which is set to get started next week — involves many partners and volunteers, including the Garden Steering Committee, the West End Best Start Hub and the Ward 1 Community Action Network. Funding has been provided by Vale, TD Friends of the Environment, Evergreen - Home Depot, SMS Rents, Fisher Wavy and Union Gas.

"While the City of Sudbury is an active partner, this project is completely funded and supported by business, foundations with in-kind support of local business and community partners" said Ward 1 Coun. Joe Cimino in a news release.