Frustrated drivers honked their horns and waited in long traffic lineups Wednesday night as Idle No More protestors forced the closure of a busy Sudbury street during rush hour.

Sudbury Police shut down Paris Street for half an hour as they escorted demonstrators supporting the nationwide Idle No More movement.


Sudbury Police escort Idle No More protestors along Paris Street. (CBC)

The grass-roots movement calls for a better relationship between First Nations and the government.

Mike Ferguson was stuck in traffic behind the protest Wednesday at around 4 p.m.

"I'm very unhappy about it. I think they're going all the wrong way about it," said Ferguson. "I think it's not going to help their cause."

Sudbury police chief Frank Elsner said it's unlawful to block traffic.

But police must also balance the right to protest with the disruption that protests cause and work with everyone to ensure the demonstration is peaceful and safe.


Idle No More protestors block traffic on Paris Street Wednesday night. (CBC)

Elsner said police have escorted marches through the streets in the past for many groups, including public school teachers and the United Steel Workers Union.

Wednesday's demonstration is Sudbury's second Idle No More protest since the movement began.

Organizers say this movement won't disappear until there is more of a response from Ottawa.