Health Sciences North has decided on a location for a temporary helipad near Bethel Lake, about 4.5 kilometres from the hospital.

In less than two weeks, the helipad at the Sudbury hospital will be shut down for up to two months for repairs.

Ornge Air Ambulance will then be re-directed to the temporary pad.

The hospital's chief operating officer, Joe Pilon, said the new location is suitable.

"It was a safe access, a safe exit. It was big enough to handle the helipad, and still had plenty of room, and we could get access for a land ambulance. It was the only option available that met all of the requirements," Pilon said.

This is the third time this year the helipad at the hospital has been shut down for repairs.

In the past, the temporary landing site for Ornge was at the Sudbury airport.

Pilon said the new location has the neighbourhood concerned.

"They're concerned on a number of fronts. What's the impact? What's the impact on houses going to be, what's the impact on traffic going to be?"

Pilon said these questions will be addressed at a public meeting on Thursday night.

He said it will start at 6:30 p.m. at Kirkwood Place's Ruth McMillan Centre.

The hospital's repaired helipad is expected to reopen in six to eight weeks.