It was a nostalgic weekend for horse racing fans in Sudbury when the final race of the season took place at Sudbury Downs.

The final race may also mark the end of a 38-year history of horse racing in the city, after the province ended its slots-at-racetracks program in March. The racing industry said the future is uncertain without that money to support those racing purses.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming said the move is part of a modernization of the gaming industry.

Several hundred people packed the grandstand for the final races, including Mary Crowder, who came with her family to take in the final race night.

"I'm not a big gambler but we come out maybe once a year, just as a fun thing to do," she said.

"And they are beautiful ... even if you are not a gambler just to appreciate the beauty of the horses."

About 100 people who work at the track are expected to be out of a job if there's no racing next season.

The province said new jobs will be created in new casinos around the province.