Sudbury library welcomes 'Netflix for Books'

Hoopla, the new media company that boasts 500,000 titles — books, movies, and music— for library users to borrow, is the newest digital service offered by Greater Sudbury Libraries.

New media services boasts 500,000 books, movies and comics to access digitally

Patrons of the Sudbury libraries can now access Hoopla, a digital service which allows them to access over 500,000 digital titles. (Shutterstock)
Library users can be forgiven if they haven't yet heard all the Hoopla.

Hoopla, the new media distributor that boasts 500,000 titles — books, movies, and music— for library users to borrow, is the newest digital service offered by Greater Sudbury Libraries.

Library spokesperson Jessica Watts said Hoopla has been described as a Netflix for books, as users can download media onto their devices.

"Some people can't afford to use Netflix, or they don't have wi-fi at home," Watts said, "So you can come into the libraries, use our free wi-fi to download the titles right on to your device, your phone. Then you can go home and you can access it without having to have wi-fi at home."

No more late fees

The service was introduced in January, and so far about 150 Sudburians have signed up. Although the library has offered e-books to borrow for a few years, Hoopla also includes comics, music and movies. And it offers many more copies of the same title.

And since the media is digital, users won't have to scamper back to the book return on time.

"You do have a set time to bring back the materials that you download from Hoopla," Watts said,  But there is no accruement of fines. So once that period of time is over, the title is take off automatically from the device or from your computer, or out of your account. So there is no chance of you ringing up the fine."

The library has budgeted for the costs of licensing the media, and currently patrons can borrow up to eight titles per month.

To sign up for Hoopla, click here


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