The owner of Boreal Berry Farm and Winery in Warren doesn’t come from a family of farmers — but that hasn't stopped Greg Melien and his wife from trying their hand at the vocation.

In 2011, the couple bought the farm, located just east of Sudbury, and decided to produce something new and different: haskap berries.

Melien describes them as "great" little berries that look like an elongated blueberry — and taste like a combination of blueberry, raspberry and elderberry mixed together.

Haskap Wine

The Boreal Berry Farm and Winery, east of Sudbury, features wine made out of haskap berries. (Supplied/Boreal Berry Farm and Winery)

“It’s a new fruit that we brought into Ontario,” he said. “It’s been getting rave reviews. The flavour of a haskap berry is something that has to be tried.”

He said the berry also offers health benefits, including four times the anti-oxidants of blueberries.  

Their 160-acre farm is also home to a winery, featuring a dry wine made with haskap berries.

“I’ve had people comment that they’ve tasted it and it tastes like a grape wine to them,” he said.

“It tastes like a Pinot Noir to them.”

The farm and winery is part of the Food Day Canada Celebration, set to take place Saturday, Aug. 2.