The students of Hard Rock Medical survived the first two years of medical school in northern Ontario, and now you can find out what's going to happen in their third year.

TVO has produced nine more episodes of the tv series. The first two seasons were filmed in Sudbury, and the third season in North Bay.

The show features the lives of eight medical students from different backgrounds and four faculty members. It's loosely based on the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Stef Paquette

Sudbury's Stef Paquette is one of the actors in Hard Rock Medical. (Radio-Canada)

The show features Sudbury's Stef Paquette, who is known for his work in the Francophone music industry. He says he's noticed he's getting more attention since appearing in the show.

"Now, because I do English TV .... I'm afraid to go to Costco," he said with a laugh. "My daughter was there with me and she pulled on my coat one day and [said] 'I think those people are staring at you'."

Cast waiting to hear about a 'season 4'

Eventually, a woman from the group approached Paquette and asked if he was Hard Rock Medical and requested a picture with him. Paquette's says his daughter asked why.

"I was like … 'don't steal this moment from me'," he said.

Paquette says the cast is waiting on confirmation to see if season four will be in the works, in hopes the audience can see the students finish their four years in medical school.

"I'd love to see the ensemble cast back together," he said. "The whole cast hasn't been together on set since season one."

The third season of Hard Rock Medical starts on TVO on Jan. 8.