Lights are back on for Greater Sudbury customers who lost power this morning, but Sudbury Hydro is still warning customers to conserve power while the system remains fragile.

“We strongly encourage everyone to restrict their electricity usage when they get home,” warned the utility.

“Doing your best to use only what is necessary will help us keep everyone supplied. Please don't use your ovens or clothes washers or dryers this evening, minimize the number of lights and electronic devices on in your home.  If you are using a barbecue to cook this evening, we remind you to be safe and only use it outside.  Be careful with candles to minimize your fire risk.”

A problem with the main line that feeds the city and surrounding areas caused the problem Friday morning.

Although the power has been restored the hydro company is urging everyone to try and conserve as much energy as possible on Friday evening.

Hydro One is reporting almost 13-thousand customers in the outer area of Greater Sudbury now have power restored.

It also appears to be a temporary fix. Those customers are asked to conserve energy as well.

Regular or high use could result in a system overload and leave many customers in the dark again.