Despite the city of Greater Sudbury considering dumping some of its 600 buildings to ease its budget, it is now negotiating the possible acquisition of the century-old Bell Mansion.

The city is in negotiations with Laurentian University — which has owned the building since the late 1960s — to buy the historic home built by lumber magnate William Bell in 1908.

In 2010, the mansion had approximately $100,000 in roof and chimney repairs done, but a complete restoration of the building could cost the city millions of dollars.

"Definitely it's going to run into the millions for restoration, but I think it's worth it," said Gordon Drysdale, a member of a citizen group vying for the mansion to be converted to a museum.

The city’s potential plans for the heritage property are still under wraps.

The Sudbury Art Gallery currently occupies the space, however it has plans to move to a new venue, which is what prompted the talks between the city and the university.