The runway at the Greater Sudbury Airport is being repaved for the first time since 1977.

Bob Johnston is the Chief Executive Officer of the airport.  He said the runway was built on a type of rock that has allowed the runway pavement to last twice as long as it does at most airports.

"Essentially we have pit-run gravel and water will filter through the gravel very easily so we don't get frost heaves." said Johnston.

The last time the tarmac was repaved, according to the airport records, was in 1977. Johnston said typically the life cycle of a runway surface is 15 to 20 years but they are lucky that its runway has held up almost 40 years. "Every year we do crack sealing, any cracks that appear we seal with tar. We are not the norm." said Johnston.

"We have two active runways, our primary runway and our secondary runway. We can use our secondary runway to move planes in and out while our primary runway is closed down for the work," said Johnston.

The Sudbury airport received a 70 per cent subsidy from Transport Canada towards the four million dollar repaving project.