The verdict in a Sudbury sexual assault case won’t be decided until the end of September.

Gordon Hall, 69, is on trial on sex-related charges dating back to his tenure as the director of the Bancroft Drive Boys' Home.

The accusations are from three former residents who allege Hall molested them in the 1970s.

Most of the incidents were described in court as taking place at Gordon Hall's home, on a canoe trip or in a sauna.

The charges are three counts of indecent assault and three of gross indecency; those are taken from the Criminal Code at the time of the alleged incidents in the mid-1970's.

Descriptions of the alleged activities range from sexual touching to oral sex.

Hall's lawyer, Richard Pharand, told the court these men couldn't be believed.

Pharand tried twice to have four charges thrown out because one complainant couldn't identify Hall in the courtroom

The judge denied the request, saying other testimony corroborated the man's story.

Pharand said at least one man's memory seemed affected by years of drug abuse.

Hall firmly denied all accusations during his testimony.

But Prosecutor Susan Bruce said the stories of all three men have details in common. She asked the judge to consider that three people who didn't know each other were all saying the same thing.

The judge will render a decision on Sept 29.