Massive chicken egg cracked open to reveal another egg inside

A hen's egg that was more than three times the size of a normal egg has been cracked open. The results are amazing.

Famous 180-gram egg was laid by a hen in Echo Bay, Ont., last month

A massive chicken egg laid in Echo Bay, ON, has been opened to reveal another egg inside 1:26

A giant chicken egg that made national news has been cracked open to reveal another perfectly formed, normal-sized egg inside.

The 180-gram egg — which is heavier than a Major League baseball — was discovered by Echo Bay, Ont., hobby farmer Dennis Goslow last month.

His hen managed to lay an egg more than three times the size of an average large chicken egg.

After his egg garnered widespread attention, Goslow was contacted by the Discovery Channel. Television producers travelled to the couple's home near Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., to take a closer look.

The egg was transported to a nearby veterinary clinic where an X-ray revealed a second perfectly formed egg inside.

An X-ray of the chicken egg revealed another perfectly formed egg inside. (Provided)

'I was a little bit sad'

After the X-ray, Goslow did the honours of cracking open the egg to reveal the second one hiding inside.

"I was a little bit sad," he said. "Now I'm like a kid with a broken toy."

Goslow said he had hoped to eat the giant egg, but decided it would have probably been contaminated.

Dennis Goslow's chicken laid an egg that is three times the size of a standard large chicken egg. (Dennis Goslow)

'Egg Man'

Goslow said he doesn't expect to find any more giant eggs in his small backyard chicken coop anytime soon.

"If I live to be 100 years old, I would never see that again," he said. "It was an experience that I was blessed with." 

But he said he still gets lots of attention from others in his community.

"They call me Egg Man now."

Dennis Goslow uses an apple to show just how large the chicken's egg is. (Dennis Goslow)


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