As flu season begins, a Sudbury doctor would like to see sick notes scrapped.

Dr. Mike Franklyn said one of the worst places to be when you're sick is in the walk-in clinic — where there are a lot of germs and little that doctors can do to treat the flu.

Franklyn said forcing employees to get a doctor's note puts them at further risk and clogs up the healthcare system.

"I'm not sure what the solution is, but I think coming to a walk-in clinic and waiting for an hour to get a note that says Johnny missed work because he had the flu is really silly," he said.

Franklyn added over the counter drugs don't cure the flu and the only treatment is plenty of rest.

'Sick for weeks'

To date, the Sudbury and District Health Unit has confirmed one lab-tested case of the flu this season.

But Franklyn said other viruses are still circulating in Sudbury, and remarked he's seen many cases of people getting sick and staying that way for several weeks.

"Well usually, healthy people will shake this in, I'd say, five-to-seven days, on average," he said.

"And many people are coming in for the first time reporting having been sick for a week, two or even three weeks and just not being able to shake it."

Franklyn said those affected likely have more than one type of virus in their system. And because it's a virus, antibiotics won't help. He reaffirmed that rest and drinking fluids are the best treatment options.