Sgt. Gary Lavoie

Sgt. Gary Lavoir has been with the Greater Sudbury Police service for the past three decades. (CBC)

A 29-year veteran Sudbury police officer is alleged to have fraudulently enrolled his girlfriend under his municipal health care plan, according to testimony from a city administrator and the woman’s ex-husband.

Sgt. Gary Lavoie, who has been suspended with pay since Sept. 2011, is facing two charges of discreditable conduct and one of deceit under the Police Services Act.

During a hearing on Thursday, a city administrator testified that Lavoie asked for the woman — who is now Lavoie's wife — to be enrolled in his plan, claiming they started living together in February of 2012. It was pointed out to Lavoie that his partner would only qualify if they had been living together for at least a year.

An amended form shows Lavoie then changed the date to February of 2011 to indicate they had begun living together a year earlier.

But the woman’s ex-husband testified that he and his then-wife were still together at their home for much of the time Lavoie claims the woman was living with him.

Prosecutor David Migicovsky is questioning whether Lavoie really was living with the woman at that early date.

The issue of the city paying a higher level of benefits to an insurance company for Lavoie's partner was part of a fraud charge levelled against Lavoie in court earlier this year. That charge, however, was later withdrawn.

The city administrator says Lavoie paid the city back for the extra benefits.

The hearing is now on break and will resume in January.

Lavoie is also waiting for sentencing on 36 convictions under the Police Services Act, mainly of discreditable conduct along with two counts of insubordination.