It should be another record-setting year for the Fur Harvesters Auction in North Bay.

The company, which buys furs from trappers and sells them around the world, made $19 million in sales over a day-and-a-half at a Seattle auction in March.

The Fur Harvesters' chief executive officer said the company has been spending more time promoting itself in China, where fur products are becoming increasingly popular on the country's mainland.

"There's a lot more younger people with fairly healthy bank accounts and they want luxury items whether its cars, jewelry, furs," Mark Downey said.

"I don't see any dark cloud on the horizon as the Chinese economy keeps chugging ahead. It’s a like a train coming down the track."

Downey says fur is becoming more popular all over the world including North America.

The Fur Harvesters’ has already matched last year's total sales and still has three auctions to attend — and trappers are already producing as much fur in Ontario as provincial regulations allow, Downey noted.