Last week's frigid temperatures are behind Greater Sudbury, but animal shelters in the region are still dealing with cats and dogs that were taken in from the cold.

The Rainbow District Animal Shelter took in 14 cats during three days last week β€” much more than it usually takes in.

Manager Richard Paquette said the cold provides an extra incentive for people to call about stray cats.

"Unfortunately the survival rate for some cats is not going to be good because they just won't be able to tolerate that extreme cold," he said.

Stray dogs are less of a problem in Sudbury, although the city's SPCA has logged more calls from neighbors who are worried about dogs barking in the cold.

An Inspector with the SPCA said he has the right to take a dog off the property if it’s not safe, but he hasn't had to do that this winter. Clancy Martin said many times the caller doesn't know how long the dog has been outside.

"I would always suggest if you have a concern call us," he said.

"Let us be the judges as to whether [or not] the housing is appropriate."

Martin said a lot of pet owners aren't happy when he shows up to investigate.

"We'll get a lot of calls for dogs that are outside for five minutes, [but] by the time we get there [the dog is] back inside and people tend to be upset that we've even shown up."

Both the SPCA and the shelter have animals available for adoption, but Paquette said adults are harder to find homes for.

Only about half of cats at the shelter are adopted, he added.