Former Sudburian Matthew Murphy dreamed of writing a novel one day — and his dream is now reality.

Murphy just released a self-published novel called A Beckoning War.

To write this Second World War novel, Murphy said he used what knowledge he "had already absorbed from a childhood of reading Time Life war books, atlases, history textbooks and coffee table books" about that era.

A Beckoning War


"I added a dollop of heavy research at the National Library and Archives of Canada during a stint of Dickensian penury in Ottawa about seven years ago, and read through hundreds of wartime letters, leafed through personal scrapbooks donated by veterans and their families," he wrote in a blog entry on his website.

"I was so broke I actually transcribed letters by hand and drew things like decals and insignia and the like as a means of recording them."

Murphy currently lives in Montreal, where CBC News' Morning North radio host Markus Schwabe reached him by phone. Listen to the interview by clicking here, or click on the Listen button to the left of this page.