The MakerSpace, a new area of the library, will focus on helping teach and inspire technological literacy. (CBC)

A downtown Sudbury library branch is planning to foster technological literacy with a new space that encourages people to build their own projects.

The MakerSpace, a new area of the library, already features a 3-D printer but will also include more tools for creative endeavours.

Emergening Technologies Librarian Brian Harding says the main focus will still be literacy and improving technological education — which is becoming more and more important.

“We're still [focusing] on print and literacy as we've always done and that's always been the focus of libraries, [but] we're moving into an area called technological literacy,” Harding said.

“It's kind of a big, academic word — really, all it means is that people need skills. They need to know how technology works. It's such a part of our daily lives.”

Harding says libraries can and should help play a role in fostering a better understanding of technology.

The space will eventually feature more tools, electronics and other machines for patrons to use.