It's been 10 years since the province ended Grade 13 in Ontario, but in September, some high school students will still be opting for homerooms instead of dorm-rooms.

Some want to stay on in high school to boost a mark, while others look to get into a specialized post-secondary program.

Others "feel comfortable," and aren’t quite ready to move on, said Cassandra MacGregor, incoming principal at Bishop Alexander Carter in Hanmer.

In Sudbury last year, a combined total of 61 students in the Catholic and Rainbow boards spilled over into a full- or partial fifth year.  

This year, 21 students in the Catholic board are so far slated to stay on in what’s sometimes called the "OAC victory lap."

MacGregor says the number of returning students in that board is definitely trending downward, but some still need "a little pressure and support."

The cash-strapped province hasn't outlawed victory laps yet, but it's clear it doesn't want to pick up the tab much longer.

The Liberals announced last year the high school credit threshold will be set at 34 in total. Students require 30 credits to graduate. After that, boards will receive about a third of their usual funding for students who return.

Others have suggested less flexibility.

Last year's Drummond Report recommended that more than two extra credits beyond what's needed to wear the cap and gown in Grade 12 should not be the financial responsibility of the provincial government.