With a record rainfall in Sudbury Monday and an early thaw melting massive snowbanks around the city, the Nickel District Conservation Authority is worried about flooding.

A spokesperson with the authority said local waterways are rising and picking up speed — something those venturing near the water should keep in mind.

"Especially … all the students who are on March break this week," Paul Sajatovic said.

"[They should] stay away from fast-flowing water or slippery creek banks, [which are] very unstablized. We know those are enticing things, but a tragedy or an incident can happen very quickly."

People who have flooding on or near their properties are asked to phone the city at 3-1-1.

The authority also reports increased water levels could result in flooding on smaller rivers and creeks, like Whitson River, Junction Creek and Romford Creek. However, cooler temperatures and limited precipitation later this week are expected to help slow the runoff and snow-melt.

Any changes to the current conditions and any further warnings will be posted on the NDCA website nickeldistrict.ca.