A judge has denied bail to a man who calls himself a faith healer.

Claude Provencher — who has been convicted of many counts of sexual assault in Sudbury and New Liskeard — has described his fingers as the scalpels of Jesus.

A registered sex offender in Ontario, Provencher is currently serving a year-long jail sentence for six counts of sexual assault and 22 breaches of undertaking— charges that are in connection with his treatment of a woman in New Liskeard.

Provencher wanted to be released from jail while he files an appeal of the latest convictions, but a Toronto court judge denied the request, saying his appeal had little chance of success.

According to court documents, the judge said it was in the public's interest to keep Provencher in jail and ordered Provencher’s appeal to be fast-tracked.

Provencher has served time for sexual assault in connection with two women in Sudbury.