The Elgin Street Mission will remain open for 24 hours to serve as a warming station after an extreme cold weather alert went into effect Friday morning for Sudbury. 

Sudbury gives the mission extra funding for increased services when extreme cold weather alerts are issued. The facility previously stayed open 24/7 from Nov. 1 to March 30, but this fall staff members announced they could no longer afford to do that.

Community agencies have been working together to make sure people have shelter on days that don't meet the criteria for the cold alerts, Lianne Bergeron, co-ordinator for Sudbury's Homelessness Network said.

"The Elgin Street Mission will try to find individuals a place to go to," she said, adding the loss of the 24/7 service has pushed agencies to find more permanent housing for the homeless. 

Bergeron said there have been eight extreme cold weather alerts so far this year.