The MPP for Algoma-Mantioulin says the Town of Espanola is still waiting for information from the province about property reassessment.

Two months ago, the town received notice that Domtar's mill had been reassessed to be worth $9.9 million — down from the previous $26 million.

The change means the town owes the company $4 million in back taxes and will lose about $1 million each year from its tax base.

Michael Mantha said he's been told the province is aware of the situation and is looking into it.

"What we need from this government is to actually sit down, put pen to paper, and come up with some type of an idea in regards to how they're going to be assisting this community," he said.

"It's going to have a very, very big financial hardship on many residents in Espanola."

Mantha said Espanola isn't the only community in Ontario with a problem like this.

Property reassessments are affecting a number of communities, including Elk Lake, Dryden and Niagara Falls.